There is a range of different massages that you can receive from your partner or by trained professionals. Each type of massage can help to achieve different things, and they range from simple massages to help ease aches and pains, to erotic massages to arouse and excite you. Discuss with your partner which type you wish to try.

When we talk about happy endings, we don't mean the kind you read about in fairytales. We mean the ending where you walk away with a big grin on your face because you've achieved orgasm with a little bit of help from your partner. Many people choose to do this after a massage, as you will be so relaxed that your orgasm will feel fantastic once you get there with a guiding hand.

genital massage is not, contrary to popular belief, an elaborate wank. It can be performed on both men and woman and helps to stimulate circulation in the area, helping to relieve blockages and increase flow. It can really help to relax you, giving you a greater quality of sleep at night and leaving you refreshed the next day. If this is something you're interested in, your partner should ideally have some experience in it, to ensure you get the best genital massage possible.

Stress is an immense problem we all have to deal with, in different manners. One of the best ways to get rid of this issue is with a relaxing massage! Some people ask their partners to treat them with an anti-stress kneading, but many are single and some have partners whose hands are not the main reason they chose them. Fortunately, now you have the chance to enjoy a relaxing massage and get rid of both mental and physical pressure even if you have a clumsy partner or you are alone, thanks to the talented erotic massage providers who are specialised in different types of rubbing!