"Site" is a hot-escort guide.
"Service Provider" - HEG
"Client" - you, the company placing advertising
"Advertising" means information, videos, images and text published by us on your behalf, including advertising banners and escort profiles.
"Account" - a registered user in our system, which offers the following services
"Active" - which becomes available to the public.

("Site") is managed ("Service Provider"). HEG

The following terms and conditions apply to all advertising services offered by the Service Provider.

By placing an order for advertising services with the Service Provider, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Services .
The site is an advertising directory. Each payment made to the Service Provider is intended for advertising services and for a certain number of days, for a certain advertising package.

Below is our full tariff card, which indicates all our available packages, as well as the terms in which your advertising will be active and related costs.

For clarity's sake, the day or any part of it is considered completed at 23:59. For example: if you start your advertising at 22:00, the full day will be considered completed at 23:59, i.e. 1 hour 59 minutes after the start. We recommend that you start advertising as close as possible to the start of the new day.

We are not a chaperone agency or escort service and do not accept any payments on behalf of chaperones or act as intermediaries of any other type. The customer and the Service Provider are completely independent of each other.

The Service Provider strictly offers advertising services to the business. We do not accept advertising from consumers or persons/organizations that provide their services on a non-profit basis.


The User undertakes not to use the information published on this website for illegal or harmful purposes, contrary to those defined in this Official Notice.

In your case, access to, and use of information contained on this website shall be the exclusive responsibility of the person performing it. The service provider is not responsible for any consequences, damage or injury that may arise from such use of information.

The service provider cannot guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors in accessing this website, despite taking all necessary technical measures to prevent it.

Payment process
All payments made to the Service Provider for advertising must be made before advertising is activated on the Site.

We accept payment by credit card and certain prepaid voucher systems, which must be made using our secure online payment page. We cannot accept payment by phone or any other method.

We accept 24/7 payments on our website, but all payments are fraudulent and manually verified.

New customers can only make payments by predetermined methods and all advertising payments must be made by the customer using their own means of payment.

Payments from third parties are not accepted and the Service Provider reserves the right to reject any payment at any time.



The Customer agrees that they are solely responsible for the management of their own Account and that they may only create one account on The Website.

Accounts cannot be gifted, sold or be made available to any 3rd party under any circumstances.

The Customer may hold multiple advertisements in a single account only where the advertisement relates to an alternative service provided by The Customer themselves, i.e. Massage Advertisement, Dominatrix Advertisement, Escort Advertisement etc.

In the event that this policy is not adhered to, The Service Provider reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary against The Customer, which may include the restricting or cancelling of services, with no refund, and/or the refusal to accept future advertisements.

The Customer must agree they offer an escort service for companionship only and do not offer paid services of a sexual nature.

Duo/Couple/Multi-Person Advertisements

The Customers agrees to the following special terms and conditions regarding advertisements which contain the details of more than one person.

  • All parties are exercising their free & independent choice to be a part of this advertisement.
  • All parties will have the power to end the advertisement at any time.
  • In the event of an advertisement being ended early on the instruction of any person included in the advertisement, no refunds will be offered.
  • All parties will have the right to edit the details of the advertisement as a whole but not the details of another party.
  • Any party who has agreed to be part of this advertisement shall be jointly and severely liable for its contents.

Agency Advertisements

The Customer agrees to ensure that each person listed within the Agency Advertisement is working lawfully and exercising their own free and independent choice to do so. The Service Provider does not accept any responsibility for the contractual arrangements between The Customer and their employees.

At all times, The Server Provider reserves the right to remove any individual profile from an Agency Advertisement should we receive a verified request from a person being listed within the Advertisement that they no longer wish to be listed as part of same Advertisement.

External Marketing Policy

The Customer agrees to give the Service Provider explicit permission to use any photos and advertisement information provided by You:

On Social Media Channels (such as, but no limited to, Twitter) used by the Service Provider for the promotion of the Website.

In email communications aiming at promoting advertisements on The Website.

The Service provider reserves the right to post the Customer's advertisement or portions of the advertisement on social media and/or in commercial email communications, without prior notice.

The Service Provider confirms that email communications are sent only to users who gave consent to the Service Provider to receive such communications.

Only information already contained within the customers advetisement will be displayed.

All photos will contain The Website's watermark to avoid misuse of the content.

The Service provider reserves the right to use and modify for commercial purposes any of the Customer's photos without previous notice. The Service provider commits to keeping the integrity of the photos used in that matter.

Premium Adverts

The Customer agrees that the purchase of a premium advert reserves this slot for their use and in making this purchase The Service Provider agrees to remove this slot for sale to others. Once a purchase has been completed the sale will be deemed to have completed and the premium advert will be queued on the Website. No refunds or changes are available for premium adverts in any circumstances. If an advert is suspended, stopped or otherwise unavailable and a premium advert has not yet completed, the premium advert will remain active in the database but not available for public viewing.

Premium adverts are only available for purchase by Credit Cards. Premium adverts may not be re-sold, held or transferred.

The Customer agrees to a 3 minute margin of error on the premium advert starting and finishing due to technical items beyond the control of The Service Provider such as file caching and DDOS protection services.

Additional Criteria & Requirements

  • The Service Provider will not advertise escorts under the age of 18.
  • The Customer Will be asked to provide identification and other information to confirm their identity and age.
  • It is The Service Providers policy to age check all advertisers aged 21 and under.
  • The Service Provider will not advertise escorts who are deemed unfit by The Service Provider or otherwise vulnerable.
  • The Customer is required to provide an accurate invoice address in relation to all payments.
  • The Service Provider reserves the right to request, in a medium decided upon by The Service Provider, a form of verification of The Customers identity, billing/payment information or Images at any time.
  • The Service Provider can accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by error or inaccuracy in the publication or omission of any advertisement.
  • The Customer is solely responsible for any liability arising out of publication of any advertisement.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions your statutory rights are not affected.

The Service Provider reserves the right to change or modify these Advertising Terms and Conditions.